I just heard some depressing news. We have a threat to our breed, creed and ability to get treats!

Dachshund Popularity Plummets in Germany…

We’re no longer the most popular doggy in Germany!  People think that big lumbering Alsatians are cooler than us… and we all know how unrefined and simple Alsatians are!

This is no good.. my brothers in Germany, we all need to rally together to rectify this immediately.

Here’s my battle face!

Don't Mess!

You know… Thinking about it, last time Germany rallied together for a common cause didn’t turn out to well, and I dislike prejudice against dogs, even more than I dislike baths… which is a lot!

So lets congratulate the Alsatian in its new found popularity

Good job guys, but know it won’t last!  And we won’t forget how you rig the vote with your connections in the police force!