I get asked by my fans what I enjoying doing in my free time and although I try to maintain a private lifestyle I’m willing to share this with you all.

Now I find it most peculiar that  most canine’s will eat almost anything, leftover food, dog bones, bacon treats etc. but I’m quite particular about my taste and I think my minders are quite aware of that. I cannot and will not have my wet and dry food mixed together, I separate consumption of protein and carbohydrates, I won’t usually do things for ‘treats’ and I don’t eat people’s leftovers.

There is however one thing I always look forward to after a long day’s sleep and stretching. I’ve been introduced to these parma ham bones that are most delicious. They are rich in flavour and aroma and the meat falls ever so quickly off the bone, it is unlike anything I’ve ever had. Of course you can’t find these at every pet store so good luck hunting for them!!