The pack and I ventured to the seaside and went on one of the most tiring walks I’ve been on to date! We headed off at 8:00a.m. in the morning for a 2 hour drive to Hummanby Bay and stopped off to have a morning brew before starting our walk. The walk from Hummanby Bay to Filey is one of the few walks where dogs are allowed on the beach and I definitely took advantage of it! The low tide was at 10:43a.m. so we had 5 metres of sand to walk on and I even ventured into the ocean, a Winston Kennedy first! Once we got to Filey we walked into the town centre to devour fish and chips, it was truly a treat. After filling ourselves with food we walked back to Hummanby Bay, in total at least a 4 mile walk! I passed out on the drive home whilst Broadway show tunes were playing on BBC2 Radio (save me!) and barely had enough energy to cosume my dinner. All in all the weather was bright and sunny and it was another day I could spend with my entire pack! I am truly blessed.