Today is officially my birthday!! I was born in the wee early hours of June 12, 2008 to Star and Chester (my perfect pedigree parents). I have a lot to be thankful for this year and lick my thanks every single day. Since I am no longer living in the UK and the Queen decided to celebrate her Jubilee weeks before my most important ceremony, I asked for a British themed birthday party. I awoke to a basket full of presents  and a lovely 2 mile walk along the Trinity River.

Following my morning of fitness, I was greeted with my own In-N-Out protein style hamburger (always watching the calories) and had a nice long nap before the birthday singing/cake festivities. My owners baked me a lovely dog friendly carrot cake topped with my own frosting and a lovely No.4 candle that I devoured. Here’s to a great year and more treats for me!!